A Brent Noll as a scribble

so i really dig this one guy…

i dig the fuck out of this guy right 
and i get to see him in 17 days

"hot on the trail"

of what tho you fuckin freak

oh my god fuck sleeping anyway

people got really defensive about this picture


jeff and tony

okay i fixed a huge chunk and fixed the octave in one channel.

i could only find one old thing so i put a bunch of confusing things in there too

lol aww 2012

my cover of Harsh Realm by Widowspeak!!

Here is a WIP cover of Harsh Realm by Widowspeak.
i am quite happy with it so far flkdsjhglkshg this is fun

here’s a link the the original

did i ever share these guys

id imagine being STABBED WITH FORKS would have some kind of lingering pain

Tumblr u are making me laugh so much lately